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Multi-Skill Training Services (MST) offers a custom operator training program that can help improve the overall quality of your operation. Our fully customizable machine-specific operator training is based  upon the individual duties and tasks required of your unique operators.


We use interactive quizzes with custom feedback in our online content.

We include targeted, instructional videos whenever possible.

Our content includes engaging, visual content.


Our on-site discovery visit identifies the equipment the operator is responsible for and then documents the operator’s responsibilities on that equipment.  MST develops Machinery Specific Operator Training Programs that includes machinery safety, major components, operator controls, routine operation, setups and changeovers, quality, sanitation procedures, troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance.

As part of the discovery process, MST will acquire all documentation necessary to develop the Machinery Specific Operator Training program including:

  • Operator and Manager Interviews
  • Photographs and Video
  • Operator Equipment Manuals

Upon completion of the discovery process, MST will develop a customized training program incorporating the information acquired. This development will include:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Lecture Material
  • Lesson Quizzes
  • Hands-On Exercises on the Machinery
  • Comprehensive Final Exam


The development will also include pictures and video from your facility for a fully customized approach to the training.


The On-Site Machinery Specific Operator Training plan can be delivered at your facility on any day, at any time. We work with the plant’s current schedules to create an opportunity to provide training that does not disrupt the current production schedules. Our instructors have experience as production supervisors and production managers to be able to deliver a real world approach to our training process.

Are you experiencing any of the issues below?

Machine specific safety issues

Machine specific quality issues

Downtime due to skill gaps with new operators

Maintenance calls that do not require maintenance

Reduced machinery throughout

High operator turnover rates

The Online Machinery Specific Operator Training plan is interactive, targeted to specific skills, and includes videos and animations as needed.  It is also customized to your configuration and processes.  It is available on the cloud 24/7 and can be taken on PCs or mobile devices. 

MST gives you the flexibility to assign learners and report on all training activity and test scores.  

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Implementing custom training to target the tasks of your operators can help with each of the following issues. 


MST's Machinery Specific Training Program is made up of a thorough 3-step process, which ensures the correct skills are identified and addressed for each individual operator.