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Our industrial trainers help merge the gap between technical education and jobs through our expert vocational skills training curriculum. By supplying instructors and students with the necessary tools and equipment to be successful, MST Academy assures that your students have the industrial maintenance training needed to step into the real world. We equip instructors with everything they need to conduct quality courses. We serve all technical schools, institutions, and educators with the industrial maintenance training curriculum curated by our experts in the field.

Online Supplemental Content

We use interactive quizzes with custom feedback in our online content.

We include targeted, instructional videos whenever possible.

Our content includes engaging, visual content.

Educators will receive a full course curriculum with the purchase of the trainers. The curriculum includes:

Vocational Skills Training curriculum

Why choose our vocational training curriculum?

The online supplemental training content can be used as a refresher or introductory training to the course curriculum. The online training content is interactive with quizzes and industrial maintenance training simulators at the end of each session. It is available on the cloud 24/7 and can be taken on PCs or mobile devices.

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You will receive the following when purchasing our trainers:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Text with detailed illustrations
  • Hands-on exercises that relate directly to the trainers
  • Quizzes
  • Instructor step by step Lab Guides
  • Material list for trainers, tools, and equipment

Multi-Skill Academy

Competitively priced (less than our competitors)

30-60 day delivery time

Turnkey training solution for educators

Real world hands-on exercises

No banana plugs on electrical wires

Includes all tools and consumables

Detailed curriculum

Industrial components 

Vocational Training Curriculum for Industrial Skills Training

Vocational Training Curriculum for Industrial Skills Training

Why choose our vocational training curriculum?

Our Industrial Trainers

MST Academy’s trainers have been used to teach education and manufacturing facilities for over 30 years, which ensures your students will be taught our vocational skills training curriculum the most effective way.

Industry validated curriculum

Industry proven trainers

Online supplemental content

Our Industrial Trainers

Training Trailer

MST's Training Trailer is used to showcase real-world industrial simulators and hands-on training curriculum that has been designed and developed by MST's highly experienced subject-matter experts. The perfected combination of industrial simulators and world-class training curriculum has proven itself successful in providing real-world experiences and knowledge needed for the industrial workforce over the past 30+ years. 

To schedule an onsite demo of the training trailer at your facility, give us a call at (877) 309-4084 or email

Industry proven trainers

Our trainers relate directly to what is needed in industry.  All necessary tools, equipment, and consumables are included within the industrial maintenance training curriculum. We offer the following trainers:

  • Electrical Power
  • Electrical Controls
  • PLC
  • Maintenance Fundamentals
  • Mechanical Concepts
  • Pneumatic Controls
  • Hydraulic Controls
  • Analog Controls 

Training Trailers